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Environment Policy

Outline Policy Statement
As a distributor of commercial furniture, Future Furniture upholds it's responsibility to ensure that all suppliers and products are thoroughly scrutinised for environmental impact before they become part of our product range. We will ensure that sustainability is met by the following:

The Macro Environment:
• All products have the lowest possible carbon footprint, by firstly advocating the use of local supply chains.
• Promoting sustainable fabrics. Bio-degradable fabrics and recycled fabrics for example.
• Promoting sustainable materials, Aluminium for example.
• Safe disposal of all materials and packaging, by firstly disposal to recycling plants or by re-use of existing/un-wanted products by local charities for example.
• Ensuring by best practical means that all labour forces used in the production of all goods comply with ethical and moral standards.
• Working with key manufacturers and ensuring that the relevant British Standards are met, including the broad environmental accreditations ISO 14001, ISO 19001, the chain of custody for MFC products Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) are held.

The Micro Environment:
• Exposure. Promotion of formaldehyde free products, particularly in desk products (MFC and Laminates) to minimize the exposure to formaldehyde for the end user within the micro-environment. For further information on the effects of formaldehyde in the working environment please contact Future Furniture.
• Ergonomics. Working with our manufacturing base to ensure that ergonomically sound products are promoted to produce a practical and safe working environment for our customers.
• Training. Providing full product training to ensure our customers can operate products effectively, safely and ergonomically.
• Aesthetics. Ensuring that the product design is carefully adapted to the customer's needs both in visual impact and for ease of use.

Future Furniture is committed to updating itself on environmental awareness and as part of this continual change, adapt it's environmental policy to keep in line with product development and innovative environmental solutions.

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