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3D Drawings
3D Drawings

Future Furniture provides a 3D Drawing service throughout Scotland.

3D Drawing Service
Three dimensional drawings - commonly abbreviated to 3D - have opened up a whole new world within design. Whereas at one time designs were flat, two dimensional drawings, the advent of 3D with the use of sophisticated computer software has lifted the design from the page, making it easier for the client to visualise how their chosen design will 'look' in situ.

3D drawings are some of the techniques used in helping to utilise all the space available within an office space, ensuring ease of movement and flow throughout the space, as well as making the best possible use of the space too - all too often, many offices and workshops have 'dead spaces' where realistically nothing can happen, apart from storage.

3D Drawing Techniques
The advantages of 3D drawings when it comes to re-designing and refurbishing you office space are numerous;

i. Realistic
As has already been said, 3D drawings give the client the ability to visualise the possible end result. Only a few people can see in their mind's eye the finished result of any re-design or re-modelling project and so this option is great for anyone unable to 'see' the final result. Re-modelling your workspace is a significant investment of your timeandmoney; by using 3D drawings, expensive mistakes can be avoided.

ii. A competitive edge
This realistic drawing can also help your business gain a competitive edge in its styling, as well as functionality. This is important for those business clients who need their premises to make a statement regarding their brand or product. This is how large global restaurant chains have their spaces designed - this allows for familiarity so that customers feel comfortable and familiar within surroundings. If your office or front of house matches your projected brand, it will instantly create the right, positive feelings within potential clients and customers.

iii. Effective design process
Using the 3D drawings makes for far better results as both you - the client - and the designing team - like Future Furniture - are able to visualise not only the final product, but the whole process. The client knows what to expect when the furniture is in place and, as a design team, we have a better, clearer understanding of what each clients is expecting and wanting from their refurbishment.

iv. Valued
Creating 3D drawings is not an easy process; our design team have extensive training in how to use the latest software, designing you a great visual aid in your office revamp.

If you are considering recreating your office, workshop or front of house space contact Future Furniture, one of Scotland's leading office furniture suppliers and designers.


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