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Interior Design
Interior Design

Future Furniture provides an interior design service to Scotland.

What is interior design?
Interior design is a phrase frequently heard but rarely understood, especially when it comes to applying it to office and work spaces.

Without the basics of interior design, a working space can quickly look jaded as many people assume that interior design is another phrase for interior decoration.

Interior design is not just about colour schemes, textures and fabric, it is also the study thepsychology of a space. It is acreative processthat analyses how best to use the workspace on offer, creating functionality, as well as a design that fits your business and product.

Unity & Harmony
Here are some basic principles of interior design...

Unity & Harmony
For your office or work space to function, even with separate segments, you need to think of it in the first instance of any remodelling or refurbishment as one complete space. By doing this, you will be creating the flow that is needed throughout the building or space even if separate sections perform very different tasks. One way to do this is the use of colour; creating a palette of colour will unify various segments or sections of your workspace. For example, choose three of four colours and use these throughout the space, in different places and quantities.

This concerns the 'visual weight' of a room and is related to symmetry. There are three symmetry balances that are used within interior design:

• Symmetrical is a traditional style and can be thought of a butterfly design. Split a room in half, and there will be equal, even repeating patterns or objects on either side of the room. Like a butterfly, its two wings will have a repeating pattern on both wings. Humans are, to a certain extent also symmetrical and various studies have shown that we are comfortable in symmetrical surroundings.

• Asymmetricalis more common these days and is when objects within a room are not repeated or in pairs but are given equal visual weight or attraction. It may sound like an ad hoc approach to design; it may sound easy but is difficult to achieve. It has a more natural feel to feel and can also lead the eye from one section to another.

• Radialsymmetryis when objects such as office furniture is arranged around one focal or central point. This is an unusual design but can work when constructed correctly.

Clients do not often think of their workspaces as having rhythm but when we talk of flow through an office space they soon realise the need to look at how the space functions. Are your employees required to walk around the space frequently, or are there busier 'traffic' times? All this helps to create the right space for the work that needs to happen in the space.

And finally in our quick tour through interior design basics are the small but essential details to your office space. Getting the colours right is essential for both employees and your image. Equally as important is adding textures and objects to 'lift' the room, creating visual appeal. Being functional no longer means being boring!

If you are looking to refurbish or create an office environment, come to Future Furniture one of Scotland's premier furniture suppliers and office space designers.

Please contact us to discuss your interior design needs and requirements.


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