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Move Management
Move Management

Future Furniture provides move management solutions throughout Scotland.

Thinking of re-locating your office?
Relocating your office is an exciting time. It can breathe fresh air into a business and its employees but only if it planned and managed. Leaving your move to manage itself will see stress of employees and management shoot off the scale. There are companies out there that can help with move management but here is a quick step-by-step guide to making sure it all goes smoothly...

Re-Locate Your Office
1. Need to move? Then assess your current situation
All too often people are not clear about why they need to move their business - you may, for example, be taking the opportunity to take advantage of an end of a lease and move your business to a more central location. Some companies move as is it part of their planned growth. Whatever the reasons are for the move, as part of your move management plan, you need to think ahead about everything from new lease negotiations, current lease obligations and liabilities etc.

2. What are your requirements?
Just like a house move, we can also get caught in the 'romance' and excitement of moving the business to new premises which may turn out to fall short of what the business needs and wants. So this does not happen to your business, consider the following questions as part of the move management plan;

• Where do you want to relocate to?
• How much space do you need?
• What key features or factors does your new office and location need?
• Is this the 'final' relocation to satisfy planned business growth and objectives?
• What type and length of lease do you need?

3. Your move management team
As well as hiring in the services of a move management team, you will also need an internal team (depending on the business size) to work with the external agency to get your office relocation on the road and running smoothly. Choosing the right people is essential so that all sections and teams are represented. Relocating your business is more than just packing boxes and hiring a van! There needs to be a concerted effort to manage the business flow whilst the actual move is in the progress - customers still need a service or products dispatching etc.

4. Plan early
Relocating your business and office is not something that can be planned and completed over night. Move management should be planned well in advance and, depending on the size of your company, anything between 9 to 18 months. Clearly, if you are taking advantage of a lease ending then this will form a convenient 'end date' by which the planned must be completed.

5. Engage the right move management company...
... and start early. A move management company will work with your to plan the logistics of your business relocation and engaging the right company will be worth its weight in gold. Any relocation project outlay will be on the move company and so you need to be confident that the company you have engaged are the right one for you.

6. And finally, take advantage of the opportunity
Relocating your business is not something that is done on a frequent basis (some businesses never move!) and so if you are in this position, look at it as an exciting opportunity. Furniture can be renewed and upgraded, as well as an opportunity to overhaul company logo, product brand etc.

There are many companies that offer move management services and Future Furniture is one of the leading companies in Scotland. Contact Future Furniture for further advice!


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